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Exclusive access to your favorite creators and communities from anywhere.

Patreon is where you can access exclusive podcasts, videos, art, writing, recipes, courses, music, and more from your favorite creators, and build community with both the creators you love and other fans.

When you join a creator’s Patreon, you unlock access to a world of exclusive posts, a community group chat, and more. Here’s how you can use the Patreon app to make your experience even better:

ACCESS exclusive work from your favorite creators in seconds, from sneak peeks and bonus episodes to demo tracks and behind-the-scenes looks.

JOIN the conversation in community group chats, where you can engage directly with creators and other fans in an intimate space outside of the comments section.

DOWNLOAD podcasts, music, and other audio for easy offline listening.

BE the first to experience the latest releases from creators you love.

IMMERSE yourself in creators’ worlds, where their work is grouped and displayed in easy-to-navigate collections.

GET to know other fans and let other fans get to know you through personalized fan profiles.

You can now experience even more from your favorite creators on Patreon.

Here’s what’s new:
* Community chats to connect with creators and other fans in real time
* Easy-to-navigate collections of a creator’s posts so you can quickly find what you’re looking for
* A home tab organized by creator, not by post
* A new media player for enjoying exclusive work from creators in-app
* Downloadable podcasts and other audio for offline listening
* A new look, feel, logo, and aesthetic

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