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Welcome to HERE WeGo Beta!

By joining the HERE WeGo Beta family, you get access to upcoming features, in advance.
We're very excited to have you on board and look forward to getting your feedback.

Whether it's positive or negative — we want to know!
Got a cool idea on making this app more personalized to your needs? Tell us today!
We'll use your feedback to tweak or add features to the app – so let's explore together.

What's new about HERE WeGo?

Thanks to your feedback, we're bringing you a fresh, new design. We've rethought every map tile down to the pixel (and we have many), with the goal of creating an app that guides you on your daily journeys, long or short. We aim to provide more than just navigation and have more surprises in store for you.

Excited? Then stay tuned!
And please don't forget: All feedback counts!
Get in touch with our team:

Bye for now. Just don't forget to write us!
Enjoy the journey, with HERE WeGo.

New features

Get instructions repeated while driving. Simply tap the upper left side of your guidance screen. To get a wider guidance view, tap the upper right side of the screen.

Bugs that were fixed in the release

– Overall app stability improved

– Multiple app crashes fixed

– Deep linking functionality improved

– Speed camera widget improved

– Many fixed in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

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